About Us

They say your day is only as good as the coffee you drink in the morning. Now you may be sitting there asking yourself, “Who are they?”. Are “they” the ones spoke of by the caffeine gods to bring fuel to my days with some of the best premium roasted coffee found on this terrestrial sphere? The ones that will bring an end to the firm grip of drowsiness itself? The answer is YES! Whether you need to rise and grind or burn the midnight oil we’ve got you covered. At Outfitters Coffee Co, we aim to fuel and support any and all adventures and escapades you choose to take on and have a good time doing it.


We’re as committed to the outdoors as we are to our coffee, so we’ve hand-picked various conservation groups to ensure all of these experiences last long into the future. That’s why a percentage of our profits from every sale goes towards supporting various groups in their conservation efforts.