Hunters and Anglers are Conservationists Too

by Outfitters Coffee on May 08, 2020

Believe it or not, hunters and anglers are some of our greatest conservation workers out there.

Every year, the money spent on tags and licenses is used for conservation efforts on streams and on wildlife and land management. This money goes towards habitat restoration and protection efforts. Hunters and anglers rely on good productive habitats to support the species they seek. Without adequate habitat, elk, deer, fish, and other game species would not be able to sustain themselves, limiting access to our natural resources when we want them or need them.

In some areas of Colorado, habitat has become so fragmented by roads and development that Rocky Mountain Elk populations are declining. The elk hunting season is controlled by limiting the number of tags available each year. Thanks to the popularity of elk hunting in Colorado, however, efforts are being made to restore and protect important elk habitats using funds derived from hunters.

On the other hand, when populations become out of control due to the loss of predators, hunters can step-in in place of the predators and control the fame populations. For example, in the Midwest, White-Tail Deer have no natural predators left. Without predators, the population of deer has grown out of control. Deer are frequently seen wandering around suburban streets and getting hit by cars. Hunting helps to control the White-Tail Deer population. Rather than the majority of deer being hit by cars, the hunters benefit from the meat and hide. 

The same applies to fishing. By working to keep lakes and rivers clean and healthy, stronger fish populations can be supported. Every angler’s dream is to catch the next biggest fish. By supporting healthy ecosystems and clean water conservation, fish can grow and thrive in these water sources.

Hunters and anglers are some of the biggest supporters of conservation. They understand the importance of protecting habitat and species so that hunting can continue sustainably. Without hunters and anglers, a lot less would be known about species and habitat protection.